Connect the whole family to mom & dad

Companionship services + Status updates with photos/videos + facilitated video chat

Straight from homes or senior care communities


Presence Mission

No one should feel alone in the last years of life.


As a nurse, I have been touched professionally and personally by the challenges of aging, feeling both for the aging individual dealing with issues of loneliness and loss of independence, and for families who struggle with caregiving and decision-making. 

I focus on elders in whatever setting they call home, whether that be a large senior care community or their own city apartment. No matter what the living circumstance, the common thread that exists is the desire of the family to be more involved and present, but constrained by distance and time. I've found that with the right support service, these families can stay connected and offer their aging loved one reassurance of their continued presence.


how it works

before the visit

Establish the family network by identifying which family members will receive routine updates.


during the visit

The Presence Family Liaison will visit with your loved one, relay messages from the family, collaborate with facility staff, and can facilitate a live video chat.


after the visit

The family network will receive updates (summary of visit, pictures, and/or videos) informing the entire network of your loved one's current condition. 


About Me

A dedicated nurse with a proven passion for aging care.

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julie pham, ms, rn, CHPN, phn

"The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships." Tony Robbins

I've spent the majority of my career in the hospital setting, but realized that my true calling lay in keeping people happy and well in wherever they call home. Through a few life twists and turns involving the passing of three of my grandparents, my career eventually led me to hospice work, where I discovered the tremendous support that a weekly visit from a trained eye can lend to a family caring for an aging loved one. I'm now working to provide that to families well before their loved ones are in their final months of life. 



Increase your presence to those who matter most. 


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